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Family operated and locally owned since 1999 in the heart of Amarillo, Texas. Roof Spotters takes pride in the work we accomplish, the service we provide, and the fact that we are a referral based company.

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About Roof Spotters Inc.

Roof Spotters has serviced many people over the years in more ways than just a dependable roof. LeLand traveled to New York in January of 2002 after the attack on the World Trade Center. He counseled and pastored over the many firefighters that had suffered a loss of a family member or a friend. Roof Spotters was able to donate money to those firefighters or families in their time of need. When America went to war Roof Spotters recognized the need of help in the community.

LeLand promised to give 5% of their earnings that year and donate the money to families with a solider in war. When Hurricane Rita came whirling through the Gulf Coast of Texas LeLand and his crews packed up and went on their way to Beaumont, TX. LeLand gathered up as many supplies as he could and started on repairs of homes and replacing roofs. They serviced and put on roofs for multiple families free of charge. He also took a percentage of earnings for that year and donated it to families in need. We take pride in our roofs but we want to always make sure our community is well taken care of.

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